Carpet Cleaning Roseville CAWe only use truck mounted powered, hot water, high vacuum extraction for all carpet cleaning jobs. While “dry” bonnet encapsulating and portable cleaning process’ work fine in high rise commercial settings, nothing beats the power of a truck mounted carpet cleaning system. All carpet cleaning jobs are done with a 4 step cleaning method of: pre spraying the carpet, hot water rinsing the carpet, deodorizing and grooming of the carpet.

We use only the highest quality cleaning solutions to not only get your carpets clean and looking like new but also to help them stay that way. Our cleaning solutions are designed to prevent rapid re-soiling of your crapets = a common issue with low quality cleaning chemicals employed by many low end cleaners.

Pet Odor Removal

Pets – yes we love them but they can have accidents! If your pet has an accident or is a repeat offender – we can help. Here at Busy Bee, we are well trained in pet odor and urine odor removal.

Carpet Repair Roseville CA

Another carpet service we provide is carpet repair. We re stretch carpet, patch carpet, and can fix any type of carpet to hard surface transitions.

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 Posted on : April 10, 2015