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Pet Odor Removal El Dorado Hills CAHere is a job where the customer had a very common dilemma. She was selling her 3000 sq ft house where the dog urinated in only the great room and hall repeatedly. Carpet replacement was out of the question as the cost would have been too high.

Urine Odor Removal Process


I decided to propose treating the urine effected areas (most of the entire carpet). We use specialized chemicals that contain enzymes. These enzymes digest urine. We then removed the carpet pad – placed fans to assist in drying the carpet overnight. We then sealed the concrete – installed new carpet pad, sealing the back of the carpet, re installed the carpet. We then cleaned and deodorized the carpet. We saved the homeowner a quite a bit of money and she was able to sell her house not too much longer after this pet damage restoration process. Please call 916-342-4345 if you or anyone you know needs this type of service.

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 Posted on : February 26, 2015

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