Tile and Grout Cleaning Roseville CADo you hate your tile and grout surfaces? Do you even remember the color of your grout? You might even be considering replacing your tiles floor or countertops? Don’t do it until you call us. Grout acts like a concrete sponge – sucking in years of dirt and soapy cleaning solutions. This causes the grout to discolor over time. Mopping with a sponge does nothing but push the dirt around. At Busy Bee Carpet & Tile Care we use a concrete/grout only cleaning (not carpet cleaning soaps) high PH cleaner and a high pressure truck mounted cleaning system that blasts out years of dirt and grime – leaving floors looking like new again. All for a fraction of the cost of replacement. We generally bid and inspect all tile/grout cleaning jobs in person that way you can see for yourself in person what type of service you are spending your hard earned money on.


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 Posted on : April 11, 2015