Travertine Cleaning and Sealing Folsom CAMaintaining a calcium based stone like travertine or limestone can be a tough chore. Some travertine stones have small pits/voids where dirt can get trapped or some holes/voids wear out making very ugly black pits in the floor. We clean, seal and fill hole voids at Busy Bee Carpet & Tile Care. Using the truckmounted cleaning process, stone safe travertine cleaner and epoxy or cementitious  travertine filler always gets the job done right. We then follow up with a water or solvent based sealer.

Honing Travertine Floors

In the event of deep, heavy scratches in your travertine floors or counter tops, we can hone them. The honing process removes theses gouges – returning your floor to the same condition that it was on the day of install. This process is determined by the severity of the damage. The deeper the scratch – then more honing required. We price these types of jobs by the time involved to remove the damage. We use diamond honing to facilitate this work.

Polishing Travertine

After a deep cleaning and honing if needed – it’s time to make it shine! Upon restoring the surface – we can then begin the polishing process. This will give the surface the “pop” that it deserves. Your travertine will look brand new – giving you home a completely different look.

Sealing Travertine

After the entire process has been completed it is now time to seal. We use only the finest sealers designed for the needs of natural stone. You will not find our sealers in any big box stores! These sealers will help keep your surfaces form getting stained as well as make them easier to maintain.

Travertine Hole Filling

When first installed, traverine tiles are full of small holes and voids. This is due to the nature of their formation in Mother Nature. These holes, if not properly filled, can fill up with dirt – making your floors look dirty no matter what you do. We can fill these holes with the proper material preventing this dirt build up. We are the areas experts in travertine hole filling!

Maintaining Travertine

Proper cleaning and maintenance is the key for all natural stone. Her at Busy Bee we can help keep your travertine and other natural stone surface looking like new for years to come. We will recommend the proper cleaning solutions as well as a cleaning and maintenance schedule. This will not only keep your floors and counters looking great bit will save you money in the long run!


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 Posted on : August 12, 2014

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